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Updated the Cooking Demos with more juicy, mac-n-cheesy details! So close. New fiberflame crafting classes added, extensive Kids Activities list. Did you enter your fleeces in the sale? Did you enter your handmade items in the Can’t wait to see you all!
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Sunshine Daydream Farm & Gardens
Looking for wool that is truly local .....At Sunshine Daydream Farm & Gardens we raise our fiber sheep for wool and manures (that go into the compost) .We shear and wash the wool, then dye the wool locks in one pound dye lots with flowers , roots, barks grown in our gardens . After dyeing the wool locks the spent dye flowers go into the compost with the sheep & rabbit manures. Finally , they are delivered to a small fiber mill in Maine for processing into beautiful roving and a variety of yarn blends. Sunshine Daydream Farm offers organic plant dyed batting, roving, art batts and yarn in 32 different plant colors. The wool is also handfelted into hats, handbags, mittens, iPad covers, birdpods, jackets, vests, scarves , skirts and accesories. Organic plant dyed merino/corriedale and CVM wool grown in Maine with love and respect for the Earth. Self-Raised