10-15-19 - NEWS -
Updated the Cooking Demos with more juicy, mac-n-cheesy details! So close. New fiberflame crafting classes added, extensive Kids Activities list. Did you enter your fleeces in the sale? Did you enter your handmade items in the Can’t wait to see you all!
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Hickory Hill Fiber Farm
Barn 27
avatar for Amanda & Alberto Barcenas

Amanda & Alberto Barcenas

Prado de Lana

Brent Zimmerman

Lime Kiln Farm

Christina Ahlseen

American Gotland Sheep Society
Sheep Breed Display: American Gotland
avatar for Christine Crossman

Christine Crossman

Ewetopia Farm
Fleece Sale, Breed Display: Cotswolds

Clover Brooke Farm

Clover Brooke Farm
Camelid Barn 27

Ewe'll Wonder Farm

Ewe'll Wonder Farm
avatar for Heather Loomis

Heather Loomis

Bohlayer\\\'s Orchards
avatar for Holly Partridge

Holly Partridge

Peartree Farm
Sheep Breed Display: Teeswater

Hulse Hill Farm

Camelid Barn 27
avatar for Jeri Robinson-Lawrence

Jeri Robinson-Lawrence

Flying Fibers
Sheep Breed Display: Wensleydale, Flying Fibers Co-Owner, Dyer,...

Jessica Rugar

No Field Farm
Sheep Breed Display: Shropshire
avatar for Jewel Tunis

Jewel Tunis

Missing D Farm
Sheep Breed Display: Tunis

Judi Lehrhaupt

Ewe Can Do It Farm
Sheep Breed Display: Shetland
avatar for Keri Boucher

Keri Boucher

Iris Creek Farm
Sheep Breed Display: Leicester Longwool

Laurel and Catherine Snook

Snook Farm
Sheep Breed Display: Jacob
avatar for Maple Frost Farm

Maple Frost Farm

Kim Mastrianni
Sheep Breed Display: Leicester Longwool

Marianne Dube

Mountain Vewe Coopworths
Sheep Breed Display: Coopworth
avatar for Marie Minnich

Marie Minnich

Marushka Farms
Sheep Breed Displayr: Romeldale CVM

Martin and Joy Dally

Super Sire Ltd.

Mary Stephens

Farm Bureau & Dutchess County Wool Growers Association
Sheep Breed Display: Southdowns
avatar for Meegan Veeder-Shave

Meegan Veeder-Shave

Patchwork Pastures
Sheep Breed Display: Corriedale

Mother Katherine

Zoar Farms, Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery
Sheep Breed Display: Romney
avatar for Phillip & Paula Garner

Phillip & Paula Garner

Hidden Hills Farms
Sheep Breed Display: Santa Cruz Sheep
avatar for Siri Swanson

Siri Swanson

Dancing Moon Farm
Sheep Breed Display: Finn

Small Paws Farm

Camelid Barn 27

Stone Harvest Farm

Camelid Barn 27
avatar for Toni Kellers

Toni Kellers

Shepherds Croft Farm
Sheep Breed Display: Mini Cheviot
avatar for Virginia Scholomiti

Virginia Scholomiti

The Yellowfarm
Sheep Breed Display: Teeswater and Wensleydale
avatar for Wing & A Prayer Farm

Wing & A Prayer Farm

Wing and a Prayer Farm
Sheep Breed Display: Cormo Vendor Building 31, Booth 21