10-15-19 - NEWS -
Updated the Cooking Demos with more juicy, mac-n-cheesy details! So close. New fiberflame crafting classes added, extensive Kids Activities list. Did you enter your fleeces in the sale? Did you enter your handmade items in the Can’t wait to see you all!

Rosespring Farm

Booth 1, 2, Bldg 31

Rouge Lucet, The

Booth 11, Bldg A

Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm

Booth OD30, 02, Bldg 30

Saratoga Llamas

Booth 21, Bldg 26
avatar for Sawkill Farm

Sawkill Farm

Booth 23, Bldg 31

Serendipity Farm's Studio

Booth 16, 17, Bldg 22D

Shadeyside Fibers LLC

Booth 16, Bldg 30

Sheep Frills

Booth 3, 4, Bldg 29
avatar for Sheep Shed - Donna Carlstrom

Sheep Shed - Donna Carlstrom

Booth 12, 13, Bldg 31
avatar for Sheep Skins and More

Sheep Skins and More

Booth 6, Bldg 27A
avatar for Sheepish Expressions

Sheepish Expressions

Booth 12, Bldg 29
avatar for Sheepy Valley

Sheepy Valley

Booth 28, Bldg 31
avatar for Shel. B. Yarns/YarnsPlus

Shel. B. Yarns/YarnsPlus

Booth OD36, 02, 03, Bldg 36

Shepherd's Flock

Booth 11, Bldg 30

Shepherds Mill Farm

Booth 2, Bldg A

Simpler Thyme- gotsoap.com

Booth 19, Bldg 22D

Skaska Designs

Booth 9, 10, Bldg A
avatar for Snowshoe Farm

Snowshoe Farm

Booth 18, Bldg 26
avatar for Soak Wash Inc

Soak Wash Inc

Booth 25, Bldg 31
avatar for Solitude Wool

Solitude Wool

Booth 4, Bldg 22D
avatar for Spinners Hill

Spinners Hill

Booth 5, 6, Bldg 35
avatar for Spring Gate Farm

Spring Gate Farm

Booth 5, Bldg 22D

Springtide Farm

Booth 5, 6, Bldg 22U
avatar for Sprout Creek Farm

Sprout Creek Farm

Booth OD24-02, Bldg 24
avatar for Spruce Mountain Designs

Spruce Mountain Designs

Booth 13, Bldg 35

Stacey Stanhope

Booth 25, Bldg B
avatar for Stephen Willette

Stephen Willette

Booth 19, Bldg C
avatar for Still River Mill, LLC

Still River Mill, LLC

Booth 7, Bldg 27A
avatar for Stitched Impressions

Stitched Impressions

Booth 9, Bldg 22U
avatar for Subito Farm

Subito Farm

Booth 23, Bldg 22D

Suffolk Shaker Shop

Booth 17, Bldg 35

Susan's Fiber Shop

Booth 13, 14, Bldg 30

Sweitzer's Fiber Mill, LLC - Fiber Pickup

Booth #43 on Map, Drive around to the
avatar for Taproot Magazine

Taproot Magazine

Booth Lower Road 2

Tess' Designer Yarns

Booth 29, 30 Bldg A
avatar for The Buffalo Wool Co.

The Buffalo Wool Co.

Booth OD22, 01, Bldg 22D

the c word - NEW in 2019

Booth 11, Bldg 39
avatar for The Merlin Tree

The Merlin Tree

Booth 31, Bldg A
avatar for The Ross Farm

The Ross Farm

Booth 3, Bldg 22U
avatar for The Spinning Studio

The Spinning Studio

Booth 1-2, Bldg C
avatar for Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full

Booth 11, Bldg 36
avatar for Tika Bags

Tika Bags

Booth 12, Bldg 27A
avatar for Tintagel Farm

Tintagel Farm

Booth 22, Bldg 31


Booth 4, Bldg 26

Twist of Fate Spinnery

Booth 5, Bldg 36
avatar for Vilma Mare Baltic Style

Vilma Mare Baltic Style

Booth 10, Bldg 22U
avatar for WeeOnes


Booth 11, Bldg 26
avatar for Wellspring Farm

Wellspring Farm

Booth 1, Bldg 22D
avatar for Wendy Jensen

Wendy Jensen

Booth 12, Bldg 36

Weston Family

Booth 16, Bldg 26
avatar for White Birch Fiber Arts

White Birch Fiber Arts

Booth 17, Bldg 22D
avatar for Wil Hi Farm

Wil Hi Farm

Booth 3, Bldg E
avatar for Wild Fibers Magazine

Wild Fibers Magazine

Booth 17, Bldg C
avatar for Windsong Farm

Windsong Farm

Booth 10, Bldg C

Windy Valley Musk Ox

Booth 14, 15, Bldg B
avatar for Wing & A Prayer Farm

Wing & A Prayer Farm

Booth 21, Bldg 31
avatar for Woodland Woodworking

Woodland Woodworking

Booth 13, Bldg 22D

Wool Out of Wales

Booth 21, Bldg A

Woolee Winder, The

Booth 27, Bldg C
avatar for Wooly Things

Wooly Things

Booth 29, Bldg 31
avatar for Yarn-Tech.com


Booth 13, Bldg 29

Zeilinger Wool

Booth 32, Bldg 31

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